Lola's a Therapy Dog!

by Charlene Morton

Last fall, our local dog training facility (GymDog) offered a 7-week class to prepare for an evaluation by Therapy Dogs International. Steven and I have always felt that Lola would be a prime candidate for a therapy dog - she’s a very calm dog who loves attention and will basically let you do anything without balking. We finished all classes, with the exception of one. (Lola had a nasty bout of pancreatitis, and I’ll blog about that in the near future.) Out of five dogs undergoing the assessment, only three were chosen. Lola was one of them, and we couldn’t be more proud!


Having Lola certified as a therapy dog was more involved and more difficult than I thought it would be. The tasks she was required to perform and the self control she was asked to exhibit was, I’m ashamed to say, above and beyond what this dog mom believed her baby could do. Since her certification, we have visited a local assisted living facility, and she was a rockstar! The residents loved her, and she loved them right back. I’ve had some health issues recently, but Lola and I are ready to get back to it! In fact, I’m completing volunteer training for our local hospital system in the next week or two. Afterward, we’ll be back in the circuit!

To learn more about having your dog certified through Therapy Dogs International, reach out to me or check out TDI’s website.