by Charlene Morton

Today, I discovered a cool website -- This handy site searches for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities worldwide. My husband and I are still acclimating to this area -- we're Nashville newbies. So, I thought I would research what was offered. Wow, Nashville area folks LOVE their dogs -- plain and simple. I'd been told that several dog-friendly establishments existed in East Nashville, specifically restaurants. I still don't have my bearings on which areas of Nashville are east/west/north/south, but I did see a list of 70 (that's s-e-v-e-n-t-y) dog-friendly restaurants specifically in Nashville, with several more in the surrounding area.

Rated as five-bones establishments were:

Drifters BBQ
Star Bagel Cafe
Eastland Cafe (bet that it's East Nashville, LOL)
Patrick's Bistreax
Fido (how appropriate)
Cafe Fontanella

Who knew? Not me! But, I'm certainly happy to make this little discovery. Tell me about YOUR favorite pet-friendly restaurants, stores, and places in general! Be sure to comment below. 'Til next time...