The Amazing Tubbs

by Charlene Morton

I met Tubbs and his mom a while back through Bark for Life, and I fell in love. I found out pretty soon thereafter that Tubbs is extra special -- he's fighting canine cancer. 

Tubbs was getting a bath on Thanksgiving 2013 when his mom noticed one of his front wrists was a little larger than the other. She took him to the vet the next morning and was told that it was most likely Osteosarcoma, which the test confirmed. Tubbs and his family were referred to an Oncologist's office, and amputation was recommended; but, they just couldn't bring themselves to amputate the leg. They visited the University of Florida at Gainesville where a limb spare was performed, which included radiation and plating the leg. He came home and was doing well but just couldn't leave that particular leg alone. Tubbs did several rounds of chemo every three weeks for a period of time, but after a few months, the leg tissue began dying as a result of the radiation. The family decided in favor of amputation during June 2014.

Tubbs has done very well with three legs and is back to his normal life, including Safari Pet Resort's doggy day camp which he loves very much. In April 2015, a spot was discovered on Tubbs' lungs as a result of the cancer metastasizing. He is now receiving chemo treatments again in an attempt to prevent the new spot from increasing in size. The thing I love most about Tubbs is this: "He doesn't realize there is anything wrong with him, and we pray it stays this way. Our main goal through all of this was for Tubbs to get back to a normal life and to be happy. We feel we accomplished this goal." I believe you did, too, Mom. You can see Tubbs' full session here