Emmy (#MyTurn)

by Charlene Morton

I'm not going to lie. I literally cried when I read Emmy's story earlier this week. You see, Emmy needs a home soon, as her parents can no longer keep her. 

Photo courtesy of Selina

Photo courtesy of Selina

Emmy loves car rides, playing fetch, and just being outside. She's used to being outside most of the time, but of course, inside is much better! She knows lots of tricks like "shake hands" and would do best in a home with a fenced back yard. She's a smaller girl, 35 pounds at most, and is between one and two years old. 

Please consider Emmy to make this life event easier for her. I'd love to see her make an easy transition into a new home. If you'd like more information, please send me a message on the Contact Page. If you're not able to consider Emmy at this point, please remember to share her on your social media pages (#MyTurn). Thank you!