Always a Smile on Missy (#MyTurn)

by Charlene Morton

The first thing I noticed when receiving information about Missy was that she always has a smile -- even in the sad beginning of her story. I think the images below speak for themselves.

Courtesy of Middle Tennessee Treasures

Courtesy of Middle Tennessee Treasures

Even in the "Then" photo, look at that huge smile -- Missy is simply a "happy dog." Thanks to Middle Tennessee Treasures and Missy's foster mom, she's recovered from starvation and heartworm issues. She's more than ready for a new family! She's great with kids, other dogs, and even cats! She's a great leash walker and knows "sit" and "shake" commands.

Training by Wag It Better

She does well with car rides and would love a home where she can lounge on furniture. Won't you consider sweet Missy? If so, please send me an e-mail on my Contact Page. If you're not in a position to adopt right now, please share her on your social media pages (#MyTurn). Thank you!