Heartbreak hotel? Not here!

by Charlene Morton

Aloft Hotel in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, is pet-friendly indeed, honoring its canine guests with a bed and goodie bag just for them. But then, they kick it up a notch! Each day, patrons are greeted by a dog from Charlie's Angels Animal Rescue, wearing an "Adopt Me" vest. Charlie's Angels is an organization that works to pull shelter animals in danger of euthanasia. Seems like Aloft has never received any complaints. Only one dog is "featured" at a time, and he/she is always on a leash. Any interested guests are welcome to take the dog with them to the restaurant, bar, or other areas, provided they're on a leash. 

Aloft is rumored to be the only such hotel in the country! What a great thing to boast! Read the full article here, including the story of a real-life adoption love story.