Oscar's No Grouch!

by Charlene Morton

It took me all of 10 seconds (possibly less) to fall in love with Oscar. I rely at times on Heather from Wag It Better to put me in contact with folks who can provide info on animals for the #MyTurn blog feature. She sent me a video of Oscar, which led me to ask for more, and Heather gladly obliged.  My husband and I were quite entertained, as I think you will be. Take a look at this 30-second video compilation spotlighting sweet Oscar. 

Oscar is a 4-year-old Mountain Cur mix who likes going for walks and does well  with kids, cats, and some dogs. About a year ago, he was a last-minute pull from a kill shelter in Georgia. He would be put down for no reason other than lack of space. A group of volunteers pulled together to arrange transport for Oscar to rescue group Middle Tennessee Treasures. Jen with MTT was fortunate enough to provide Oscar with the last leg of transport. 

His last foster fell ill, and Oscar is in a new foster home but needs permanent placement. He is simply precious and beautiful but, for some reason, keeps getting passed over for adoption. Won't you consider Oscar? Watch the video again and see if he doesn't tug your heartstrings. As always, please contact me on my Contact Page for more info. And, please share him on your social media pages as well (#MyTurn). Thanks for stopping in to meet Oscar!