Don't miss this event!

by Charlene Morton

The other day, I noticed an event a friend shared on Facebook and decided to search for more information. My friend put me in contact with Heather Moore, dog trainer of 15 years, and we had a wonderful phone chat.

A transplant from the Charleston area a couple of years ago, Heather’s love for animals and level of professionalism shine through. Her business, Wag It Better, partners with Operation Education (OpEd), a foster-based animal rescue group serving Middle Tennessee. Other partners include Bedford County Animal Control, where Heather volunteers on a regular basis, and Middle Tennessee Treasures, another rescue group who also works with dogs to better the skillsets to make them more adoptable. One of Heather’s goals is to equip volunteers with the basic canine training knowledge and skills, and I’m happy to tell you that she’s attaining that inspirational goal.

Do you volunteer with rescue or shelter dogs, or do you know someone who does? Or, do you just want to understand your own dog(s) better? If so, there’s an upcoming event you don’t want to miss. I’m so excited to share with you that Wag It Better presents “Talk to Me – How to Know What Your Dog Is Thinking”, on Saturday, January 24th, from 10:30 a.m. til 2:30 p.m., at Barfield Crescent Park (Wilderness Station) in Murfreesboro. In an effort to make this knowledge and training available to more people, Heather has set the cost for this 4-hour event at only $25.00 per person, AND a portion of the proceeds will benefit OpEd. This is a win-win-win situation!

The first portion of the seminar will focus on dogs’ body language (and their reaction to humans’ body language). Did you know a wagging tail doesn’t always indicate a friendly dog? I didn’t! After lunch (which is also included in the cost), Heather will demonstrate tips for dog-dog interaction with dogs from OpEd, as well as discussing one or two basic commands. If time permits, she also hopes to talk about dog-cat interaction.

Again, the cost is only $25.00 per person, and seats are available! PLEASE NOTE: This event is for humans only! It is requested that you do not bring your dog(s).

Check out Wag It Better and contact Heather by e-mail ( or by phone at 615-962-8064. Please share this with friends and help spread the word about this exciting event!